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Phylogenetic Approach to Teaching Plant Diversity

This guided inquiry module provides an approach to teaching major groups of terrestrial plants and the methods used to construct and analyze phylogenies.
Primary or BEN resource type
Secondary resource type
General Biology Core Concepts
Discipline Specific Core Concepts
Life science discipline (subject)
Keywords Tree-thinking, Phylogeny, Plant Diversity, Evolution, Cladistics
Key taxa Plants
Intended End User Role
Educational Language
Pedagogical Use Description Educators can use this resource as an opportunity for students to collect structural data that can be used to construct phylogenies, combine structural and molecular data to construct phylogenies, gain experience in phylogeny construction, and provide a meaningful framework to learn the characteristics of major terrestrial plant groups.
Primary Author Controlled Name
Primary Author Affiliation Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
Department of Biology
University of Oklahoma
Primary Author email
Secondary Author Name(s) Joshua T. Cooper
Secondary Author Affiliation(s) Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
University of Oklahoma
Secondary Author Email(s)
Submitter Name Phil Gibson
Submitter Email
Rights J. Phil Gibson holds rights to this work.
Date Of Record Submission 2014-07-27

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