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Botanical Core Concepts

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View Resource Borago officinalis L.

Picture of an ethnobotanical plant commonly used in the Mediterranean as medicinal (it contains toxic compounds)


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library
PlantEd Digital Library

View Resource A quantitative investigations of plants expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) using a home-made camera attachment

In this laboratory exercise students use digital cameras to measure surface fluorescence of transgenic plants expressing green fluorescence protein (GFP). Inquiry pedagogy is used to teach processes used in scientific investigations and how GFP is used in reporter gene systems. Students start by making observations involving induction of expression of a GFP expressing reporter gene and then...


Publisher: EvoEd Digital Library
PlantEd Digital Library

View Resource Writing an Ecological Research Proposal

This is a writing assignment that is broken up into steps that emulate the process of developing a novel scientific question and creating a research proposal to answer the question. The assignment is loosely based on the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program proposal and consists of all of the same pieces except for Broader Impacts. This assignment was developed for a course in plant ecology,...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource Algae, Fungi, & Higher Plant Life Cycles

The attached PowerPoint file contains images suitable for quizzes, tests, and student study aids of plant and fungi life cycles. The images are all drawn in the same format so that students can focus on the fundamental features of the life cycles and not be confused by irrelevant features. Each set of images begins with the complete, fully labeled life cycle. Next comes the same life cycle...


Publisher: PlantEd Digital Library

View Resource To Plant, or Not to Plant? Regulating Invasive Plant Species in the Mid-Atlantic States: A Social-Ecological System Case Study

As invasive plant species spread across landscapes, costs of their economic and environmental impacts have sparked interest in regulating their sale and transport. Laws now prohibit the sale and movement of some species. State and local governments are drafting regulations that will affect horticulture, plant nurseries, and options for landscape design. Awareness of invasive plant species is...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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