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Foraging and Flocking Behavior

In this laboratory exercise, the following issues are examined: 1) why neither predators nor prey go extinct when there is a long period of nonrenewal of the prey population 2) the effects of habitat on foraging speed 3) the advantages foragers can gain from experience in foraging 4) the advantage of exclusive use of an area for foragers 5) the effects of food density on foraging speed 6) the advantages of camouflage for prey 7) the effect of experience in forming search images for one out of several types of prey and 8) the advantages of foraging in mixed species flocks for avoiding predation.
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Keywords habitat structure; vegetation density; food color; food preference; predator; foraging behavior; territoriality; flocking; predator-prey dynamic
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Pedagogical Use Description In this laboratory exercise, students will understand how the environmental variables of habitat structure, vegetation density and food color interact to affect short term behavioral decisions that animals make during their daily search for food; understand how habitat structure affects the ease of finding food and the avoidance of predators; understand how predator attributes such as food preference, experience, territoriality, and flocking influence food-seeking behavior; learn to graph and interpret experimental data.
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