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A Tree-Thinking Video To Teach Fundamentals Of Phylogenetic Analysis In A Flipped Laboratory Or Lecture

    Phylogenetic or evolutionary trees are diagrams that are used extensively in their traditional realms of systematics and taxonomy, but have also become more common throughout biology in research ranging from conservation to epidemiology. Phylogenetic trees contain a wealth of information about the patterns of evolutionary diversification and relationships within and among different kinds organisms. The collective ability to read and interpret phylogenetic trees is called tree thinking. This video can be used as a stand alone resource to teach fundamentals of tree thinking, or as a resource for a “flipped” lecture of laboratory exercise in which students first view the video on their own and then conduct an activity in the class or laboratory that uses techniques in the video. This objective of this video resource is to develop and strengthen students’ tree thinking skill by describing the basic components of phylogenetic trees, teaching how they are constructed, and explaining how they are read.
    Primary or BEN resource type
    Secondary resource type
    General Biology Core Concepts
    Discipline Specific Core Concepts
    General Biology Competencies
    Life science discipline (subject)
    Keywords tree thinking, phylogeny, evolution
    Intended End User Role
    Educational Language
    Pedagogical Use Description Video to support a flipped classroom or flipped laboratory approach to teaching phylogenetic and evolution.
    Primary Author Controlled Name
    Primary Author Affiliation Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
    Department of Biology
    University of Oklahoma
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    Secondary Author Name(s) Joshua T. Cooper
    Secondary Author Affiliation(s) Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
    University of Oklahoma
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    Submitter Name J. Phil Gibson
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    Rights J. Phil Gibson
    Date Of Record Submission 2016-08-24

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