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Video of the Gram Stain Procedure for Biology Laboratory

    This video shows the procedure for conducting the Gram stain. Step-by-step instructions and comparisons of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria are provided to show viewers how to conduct the protocol.
    Primary or BEN resource type
    Secondary resource type
    General Biology Core Concepts
    Discipline Specific Core Concepts
    General Biology Competencies
    Life science discipline (subject)
    Keywords Gram stain, cell wall, bacteria, gram-negative, gram-positive
    Key taxa Bacteria
    Intended End User Role
    Educational Language
    Pedagogical Use Description This video can be used to teach a fundamental microbiological procedure that can then be applied in lab as appropriate.
    Primary Author Controlled Name
    Primary Author Affiliation Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology,
    Department of Biology,
    University of Oklahoma
    Primary Author email
    Secondary Author Name(s) Joshua T. Cooper
    Secondary Author Affiliation(s) Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology,
    University of Oklahoma
    Secondary Author Email(s)
    Submitter Name J. Phil. GIbson
    Submitter Email
    Rights Authors retain all copyrights to the material.
    Date Of Record Submission 2017-07-11

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