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LDDL & EcoEdDL Digital Library History




In March, the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library (LDDL) with four Society portals was launched with ESA and BSA sharing the responsibilities for its operation and outreach services. Each partner society provides editorial stewardship for its own collection of resources. Users will be able to to access the entire collection of resources across the four societies. Search results will be weighted in favor of a partner collection through its portal.  The four Societies also launched the Life Discovery - Doing Science Education Conference to build a community of practice among biology educators.


LDDL Partner Societies


Ecological Society of America
Botanical Society of America
Society for the Study of Evolution
Society for Economic Botany


LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library Portals 

LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library
EcoEd Digital Library
PlantEd Digital Library
EvoEd Digital Library
EconBotEd Digital Library

Other Partners


Science Pipes, Cornell University




Based on the workshop findings, ESA developed the Digital Resource Discovery and Dynamic Learning Communities for a Changing Biology (DRD) Project. The project was a collaboration among four professional societies - Ecological Society of America, Botanical Society of America, Society for Economic Botany, and Society for the Study of Evolution. In view of the intellectual and educational benefits and sustainability challenges, the four societies agreed to develop one common portal which will enable users to search across partner collections. Conversations with additional Societies were initiated.

The project also developed four data packages for Science Pipes in response to demand for more quality data-rich resources in EcoEdDL. The four packages focus on core ecological concepts and feature: Cemetery Demography, Darwin’s Finches, Forest Population Structure and North American Pollen.  NSF Award #DUE-1044359. PI Teresa Mourad (ESA), co-PI William Dahl (BSA), Paul Allen (Cornell University). 




ESA organized a workshop EcoEd Digital Library: Translating Research For Undergraduate Education which generated ideas on strategies and technologies to lower barriers that hinder, and develop incentives that will accelerate, contributions to and usage of EcoEdDL resources; develop partnerships and reflect on sustainability of EcoEdDL.  Two community surveys conducted in 2008 and 2010 informed the workshop. NSF Award #DUE-1015880. PI: Teresa Mourad, co-PI, Ken Klemow.




ESA adopted the Isovera DL platform and added staff to catalog, validate, and peer-review ecology education resources. Subawardee of the AAAS BiosciEdNet (BEN) Collaborative Cycle 3 NSF Award #DUE-0532797.




ESA participated in the participated in the development of the BioSciEdNet (BEN) collaborative, led by AAAS. In collaboration with BEN, ESA established a metadata structure, designed a resource submission protocol, developed peer review guidelines, and implemented a system for cataloging and accessing resources through an in-house platform.


2001 was conceived by a group of committed Education section and committee members.